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    • Facs full auto choke system
    • Use pi staining of fixed cells and facs analysis to determine type of u 2 - os cell death induced by bfgf
      采用固定后細胞pi染色流式細胞術檢測bfgf誘導u2 os細胞死亡的形式。
    • First , the expression of cd55 , cd59 on human t cell line mt4 , the host cell of hiv , and on human epithelia hela cell , the host cell of eev was detected with facs
      為此,本研究分別以人t細胞系mt _ 4細胞及人上皮細胞hela細胞為宿主細胞,制備收集了hiv ? b病毒及eev病毒。
    • There appears obvious apoptotic peak on dna content curve of facs analysis . and as the time of bfgf treatment increases , percent of apoptotic cells increases . 3
      在流式細胞術dna含量曲線上顯示出明顯的亞二倍體峰(凋亡細胞峰入并且隨著bfgf作用時間的延長, u2 os細胞凋亡百分比逐漸增加。
    • Facs results showed that umbilical cord blood mscs did not express antigens cd34 , cdlla and cdllb , and expressed cd29 and cd71 , which was identical to that of human bone marrow - derived mscs
      用流式細胞儀檢測msc的表面標志結果顯示,臍帶血msc不表達cd34 、 cd11a和cd11b ,強表達cd29 ,弱表達cd71 ,與骨髓msc表面抗原特性一致。
    • The characteristics of the field - aligned currents facs measured by isee 1 and 2 satellites during substorms are studied . these characteristics include the variations of facs with the interplanetary magnetic field , local time ,
      分析了由isee - 1和isee - 2飛船在亞暴期間觀測到的場向電流的特性,包括場向電流所伴隨的行星際磁場地方時與
    • Observe gvhd for 60 days . the results showed that mouse lymphoid cells were present in the sd rats detected by fluorescence activated cell sorter ( facs ) for morn than 90 days . the chimeric rates were 18 % - 45 % , 7 % - 23 % , 2 % - 8 % on day 30 , 60 , 90 respectively
      隨著時間的推移,嵌合率逐漸下降。骨髓移植后60天及90天的嵌合率分別為7 - 23 , 2 8 。
    • Flow cytometry measurements were done to detect the changing of fluorescent signal of the reporter strain and give expression situation to ybt indirectly . 7 eaggec hpi - positive strains revealed an enhanced fluorescence signal but 1 eaggec hpi - negative did not so
      3n ) ,將待測eaggec菌株的培養上清加入該報告菌株培養物中,用流式細胞術facs方法檢測報告菌株熒光強度的變化情況,間接反映ybt的表達與否。
    • Immature dc generated from mouse bone marrow by culturing in gm - csf and il - 4 for 5 days were incubated with hs - exo or exo for 48 hours , and then were collected for phenotypical analysis and phagocytosis of ova - fitc by facs technique . cytokines in the culture supernatants were quantitated using elisa . in the experiment of mlr to detect
      熱休克誘導細胞表達熱休克蛋白,對exosomes中熱休克蛋白的檢測發現,在exo和hs一exo中均存在hsp60 、 hsp70和hsp90 ,其中hs一exo中hsp6o和hsp90的含量顯著高于exo , hsp70的
    • Thus , in order to investigate the developmental pathways not only involved in the regulation of growth and patterning , but also in the determination of cell lineages and differentiation , we utilized the fluorescent immunohistochemical methods , flow cytometry analysis sorting ( facs ) and molecular methods to investigate the developmental law of mammary gland at the different developmental stages , distribution of the stem cells in mammary gland , the methods of isolation , culture and evaluation for the stem cells , the multipotent abilities in vivo and in vitro , and the efficient cultural system for stem cells enriched in vitro . the results showed below : 1
      我們以小鼠為模型,運用組織化學、免疫熒光組織(細胞)化學、流式細胞儀分選方法( facs )以及分子生物學手段,研究了小鼠乳腺的發育規律:小鼠乳腺組織中類乳腺干細胞:小鼠乳腺細胞的分離、培養以及類乳腺干細胞的鑒定;小鼠類乳腺干細胞分化的潛能;小鼠乳腺類腺體體外短期培養富集類乳腺干細胞體系的優化等。研究結果表明: 1
    • It's difficult to see facs in a sentence. 用facs造句挺難的
    • Peripheral blood ( pb ) was collected 2 > 4 > 8 weeks after injection . facs was used to quantity human cells in the rat pb , pcr and immunohistochemisty were used to detect human cells in the pb as well as in other tissues , such as liver , spleen , pancreas , kidney , et al
      1周、 2周、 4周、 8周后取新生大鼠的尾靜脈血,提取基因組dna , pcr檢測人特異性_ 2微球蛋白基因序列片段;流式細胞儀檢測外周血中人源cd45 ~ +細胞的比例;免疫組化檢測大鼠組織中人源細胞的多向分化。
    • Hz cells which expressed gfp - actin fusion gene but were or were not infected by hasnpv - cl virus were checked respectively under the facs . the test showed that there is no distinctive intense difference between them . iel gene is a very early stage gene and it expresses at a low level itself . which leads to the low expression of the gfp - actin fusion gene , and so the hz cells exhibited a low intense of fluorescence
      用熒光顯微鏡觀察了融合基因的表達情況,發現gfp - actin融合基因在美國棉鈴蟲細胞hz中獲得了成功的表達,但表達量不高;用流式細胞儀同時對表達了gfp - actin融合基因而未感染hasnpv - cl病毒的hz細胞和表達了gfp - actin融合基因而經hasnpv - cl病毒感染的hz細胞進行了熒光檢測,結果表明hasnpv - cl病毒感染前后細胞中的熒光表達量沒有明顯的變化。
    • Value , and the current density and intensity versus the substorm phases . moreover , the characteristics of substorm current wedge are given special attention . it is found that the density and intensity of facs reach their peak during the expansion phase , the onset of the expansion phase is triggered when imf is changed to southward from northward or the southward imf decreases , and the positions of onset are most likely to be at the edge of plasma sheet near the earth
    • Furthermore , competition assay was used to detect the ability of mutant sedn23a , sedn23a / h26r and sedf45a binding to mhcii . the tcrv ? specificity of these mutants was then determined with facs . the results are as follows : ( t ) we confirmed that f45 of sed was an important residue binding to mhc ii
    • 3 immunogenicity of m3m4 loop recombinant peptide antigen of nr1 , neuroexcitotoxicity protective effects and their mechanisms study of antiserum against m3m4 ( 1 ) to explore the immunogenicity of m3m4 loop recombinant peptide vaccine , m3m4 recombinant peptide was injected subcutaneously to immunize balb / c mice ( h - 2 ) , cd4 / cd8 t lymphocytes subsets , the cytokine levels in serum and the liter of specific humoral response were detected with facs , indirect elisa and elisa separately
      ,抗血清還可以結合合成膚nps ,證明該表位具有免疫原性和抗原性。收集抗血清用于功能檢測。 (二) m3m4片段抗血清抗興奮毒性損害作用以臺盼藍染色法和原位末端標記( tun ’ el )法觀察抗血清對原代培養海馬神經元興奮毒性壞死和凋亡的保護效應。
    如何用facs造句,用facs造句,facs in a sentence, 用facs造句和facs的例句由查查漢語詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。
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