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    fabulosos cadillacs造句

    • "Fabulosos Calavera " ( BMG ) _ Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
    • The most prominent of these bands is Los Fabulosos Cadillacs from Argentina.
    • LOS FABULOSOS CADILLACS : " Vasos Vacios " ( Sony 1994 ).
    • Co-founder and vocalist of the band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs along with Flavio Cianciarulo.
    • Keep an ear out for Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and the Buena Vista Social Club as well.
    • Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, from Argentina, planned to give a concert in San Juan on Saturday.
    • He represents a number of Argentinian acts, including Charly Garc韆, Mercedes Sosa and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.
    • "Now, you've got Los Fabulosos Cadillacs on the cover of " Pollstar ."
    • A very famous song involving a Murga is the song " El Matador " by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.
    • By 1985, year in which Los Fabulosos Cadillacs formed, several bands began receiving consistent airplay across Latin America.
    • It's difficult to see fabulosos cadillacs in a sentence. 用fabulosos cadillacs造句挺難的
    • By 1992, they were often compared to other great Latin American bands like Mano Negra and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.
    • Her husband, Vicentico, is co-founder and lead vocalist of the Argentine rock group Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.
    • Soon after, the tour was in " Calaveritas y Diablitos " next to Aterciopelados and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs in Spain.
    • The concert would go on as scheduled, Tomas Kookman, manager of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, said in a news conference.
    • After an entire career with the band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs he went into a solo career when the band took a hiatus.
    • Too, in early 1990s, recorded and touring with his friend Sergio Rotman, as guest, in Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.
    • Yet bands as distinct as Mana, Cafe Tacuba, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Plastilina Mosh have all played to Atlanta club audiences.
    • It has also been incorporated by some Argentine artists, such as Bersuit Vergarabat, Los Aut閚ticos Decadentes, and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.
    • The Buenos Aires band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs last year was the first band to win the Grammy in the Latin rock / alternative category.
    • The latest musical phenomenon is rock en espanol and one of the bands leading that trend, albeit reluctantly, is Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.
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